All Cooperators

All Cooperators

Owner: Sergio Arbarviro

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This group gathers all Cooperators. It is where the general discussion takes place on the current general situation of the Cooperative and on actions that the Cooperative should undertake.

This group is a place for the respectful sharing of ideas and arguments - but not of decision-making! Decisions are taken on the tools dedicated to them:

It is thus useless and fruitless to engage in lengthy debates and attempting to 'win' them publicly. Make your point clearly and politely, identify the points of convergence and divergence, and engage in more private discussions in a separate thread if you want to pursue the discussion in a smaller circle.

Brief description: General discussion for all Cooperators
Location (Member State): EU-whole European Union (with online meetings)
Type of group: Functional group
All Cooperators

All Cooperators

General discussion for all Cooperators

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