Entrepreneurial Prototypes

Entrepreneurial Prototypes

Owner: Sergio Arbarviro

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This group gathers all the Entrepreneurial Prototypes, i.e. the innovative production activities performed by the Cooperative itself, that prototype, in an economically self-sustaining manner, those that will be mainstreamed in the Society of Agreement. Entrepreneurial Prototypes can be described as "internal start-ups" funded and operated by the Cooperative.

In this group, Cooperators can:

  • start an Entrepreneurial Prototype, by creating in this group a "page" document describing it, which follows the template provided here in a short, public version, and there in a full text (for Cooperators only)
  • gather other Cooperators to work on the document and to amend / improve it.

Once each document is finalised, a specific group will be created on this platform as a digital infrastructure supporting the internal start-up in its early-stage operations.

This group is a temporary solution, enabling the discussion of Entrepreneurial Prototypes in the current state of the Cooperative's infrastructure. As soon as our online democracy platform has been adapted to host a selection via Crowdfunding, all Entrepreneurial Prototypes will be transferred to a dedicated space on this platform.

Brief description: Functional Group for all Entrepreneurial Prototypes
Location (Member State): EU-whole European Union (with online meetings)
Type of group: Functional group
Entrepreneurial Prototypes

Entrepreneurial Prototypes

Functional Group for all Entrepreneurial Prototypes

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