Cooperators' Projects

Cooperators' Projects

Owner: Sergio Arbarviro

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This group gathers all the Cooperators' Projects, i.e. the collective, reproducible actions that transform society towards social justice and environmental sustainability, which are initiated and performed by groups of Cooperators.

In this group, Cooperators can:

  • start a Project, by creating in this group a "page" document describing it, which follows the template provided here. One key element of the description is the "How to" manual, explaining other Cooperators how to replicate your project, for them to adapt it to a new geographic location or context. The "How to" manual should preferably be a separate "page" document.
  • gather other Cooperators to work on these documents and to amend / improve them.

Once each document is finalised, a specific group will be created on this platform as a digital infrastructure of the mutual support that Cooperators will bring to each other in the implementation of the Project.

This group is a temporary solution, enabling the discussion of Cooperators' Projects in the current state of the Cooperative's infrastructure. As soon as our online democracy platform has been adapted to host a selection via Crowdfunding, all Cooperators' Projects will be transferred to a dedicated space on this platform.

Brief description: Functional group for all Cooperators' Projects
Location (Member State): EU-whole European Union (with online meetings)
Type of group: Functional group
Cooperators' Projects

Cooperators' Projects

Functional group for all Cooperators' Projects

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