Welcoming new Members

Welcoming new Members

Owner: Sergio Arbarviro

Group members: 10


Functional group helping new Members in working with the tools of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative.

The tools currently used by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative include:

Future tools will expand the usage of the KuneAgi software for deliberative democracy to the following topics:

This group gathers:

  • the Members who have some experience in using these tools, and are ready to provide help and support to new Members; and
  • new Members who have just joined the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, and are looking for help and support.

In order to perform its mission while saving time and resources, this Functional group has the task to edit and maintain the following documents:

  • Guidelines summarising the experience, lessons learnt from failure and best practice of welcoming new Members.
  • Tools used to welcome and support a new Member, such as: (1) user guides for the on-line tools; (2) advice on how to draft a Public Policy Proposal...

Logo by Th3EmOo. Gallery with more logos visible here.

Brief description: Functional group welcoming new Members
Location (Member State): EU-whole European Union (with online meetings)
Type of group: Functional group
Welcoming new Members

Welcoming new Members

Functional group welcoming new Members

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