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CosmoPolitical Friday n°2: The European "demos" exists

By Sergio Arbarviro
Friday, October 2 2020
13:00 to 13:45

Lunchtime mini-webinar




The European demos exists (2006-2009)

To build a democracy, one needs a "demos", i.e. a collective of citizens that engage in respectful and regulated exchange of views to decide together about their collective future. 

Such a demos is reputed to exist in each Member State. What evidence can we have that it also exists at the scale of the whole European Union?


Practical details and registration

To join the webinar online, just click here from your Chromium / Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge browser (Mozilla Firefox unfortunately works badly).

Participation is free of charge, but registration is desired on this page.

This is the second in a series of 9 lunchtime mini-webinars, taking place every other Friday, until 22 January 2021, from 13:00 to 13:45 hours CEST. These webinars describe the history of the key concepts and ideas that have led to the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, over the 25 years from 1995 to 2020.


Programme of the full series of webinars


Part 1 (Friday, 18 September 2020)

  • About the project initiator, Sergio Arbarviro

  • Conditions for internal democracy in an organisation (1995-1999)

Part 2 (Friday, 02 October 2020) : The European demos exists (2006-2009)

Part 3 (Friday, 16 October 2020): Specification of the on-line software tool for deliberative democracy (2008-2010)

Part 4 (Friday, 30 October 2020): Trans-national democracy or nationalistic dictatorship (2016)

Part 5 (Friday, 13 November 2020): Full development of the KuneAgi free software (2016)

Part 6 (Friday, 27 November 2020): The global challenges of the 21st century (2017)

Part 7 (Friday, 11 December 2020): Environmental sustainability, social justice, pan-European democracy (2017)

Part 8 (Friday, 08 January 2021): The Society of Agreement: relieving fear with a credible alternative (2018)

Part 9 (Friday, 22 January 2021): A cooperative for social, economic and political transformation (2019)

The presentation slides will be made publicly available after each webinar on the site of the internal social network of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, on this page.

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