Dear Member,

On this site, our internal social network, you will find all the tools necessary for you to freely interact with your fellow Cooperators, in a friendly and confidential environment. Here you can :

  • send individual messages to any other Cooperator, using the "Messages" icon on menu at the top right of the page, receive, reply and forward them;
  • see and edit your profile and your friends, using the icons on the top right menu;
  • write and display publicly (temporary) blog posts or (permanent) pages, for all to see, comment and discuss;
  • participate in the discussions of specific groups, which are built per theme relevant to the Cooperative's purpose (social justice, environmental sustainability, pan-European democracy), per organisational function (e.g. legal, IT...), per geographic location, and around the design of Cooperators' Projects, of Entrepreneurial Prototypes and of Sustainability Actions of Organisations or Sectors. The design of our public policies takes place on our publicly-visible dedicated web site using our deliberative democracy software;
  • create events (internal meetings or public communication actions) in your thematic or local group, and register to those organised by others;
  • access files of general interest or files on specific topics that are shared by other Members, and upload those that you believe can be of interest to others;
  • write short, micro-blogs of no more than 250 characters on "The Wire" newsfeed;
  • and also follow the activity of the site and your own, bookmark the content that you like for later reference,  and see the profiles of all Cooperators.


Should you need any help or assistance, contact the Functional Group "Welcoming new Members".